Uni Dorm Room Essentials for a Freshman: Everything You Need for College

by Eleonora Chorkovych, August 20 2021

Nowadays, university student housing and life in campus dorms are important areas for each freshman. Many guys often search for must-have dorm essentials on Reddit or ultimate lists of dorm room necessities for freshmen. Certainly, everyone wants to make his/her dorm apartments comfortable. Let us simplify everything for you: this article will tell you all the secrets of comfy dorm life.

📙Freshman Dorms: Basic Principles

Freshman year is full of excitement, opportunities, and chances to grow from every experience you know. But it also can be extremely challenging, like making your living on campus, finding a crowd, and build your way with college classes/study (it has nothing to do with the school). I am ready to help you at least with one point - dorm essentials (further will be more😉).

Before we are going to start, I would like to mention two things – 🏠residence rules and 🙌communication with your roommate! Make sure, guys, to check what is ALLOWED and what is NOT  in the rooms, in order not to get into trouble on move-in day. The second point is equally important, talk to your roomie about the stuff you both are going to bring or what you would like to have in the dorm to make living cozy.    
So, let’s get into it!

🧼 Cleaning Tools: Start over with a Clean Slate

Believe me, you would like to clean the room before you start to unpack and, consequently, you will need it during your stay.
I start with the 
cleaning rolling cart to keep it organized and easy to carry. Here you can place rubber gloves, garbage bags, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, scrubbing pads, microfiber cloth, disinfecting wipes, dish soap, detergent, dryer sheets, lint roller, paper towels, toilet paper, and air freshener.
You will also definitely need 
a trash bean, small broom, dustpan, handheld hover, plunger, and laundry basket. More than half of these things I recommend buying on a Dollar Three (there is no reason to spend a lot of money for such simple things).

🛌 Bedding: Sleep like a Log

It is a well-known fact that dorm mattresses are not “the best” ones. Therefore, be ready to get your own or consider the option of a mattress topper (prices vary from $30 to $70). Another thing is the size – make sure to buy your beddings in a size twin XL, it fits pretty much all beds in dorms. Also, be free to check the OCM store they are having great Complete Bedding Paks, so you don’t need to puzzle over it. Oh, one more thing for you – Bed Rest Pillow!  Unconditionally, must-have😊

Univerity dorm


📌 A Desk

This item is the second priority place after bed. For this reason, pay attention to its organization and comfort. Create a perfect spot to study with the help of 
a Compact Adjustable Dorm Desk Bookshelf. Like that you will keep textbooks and school supplies in their place and save space for the lamp and a laptop.

🎍Furniture and Decoration

Guys, the teeny tiny dorm will become your home for at least one Academic Year, for this reason, make your living and hang-out place more harmonized, inviting and trendy. Picture your dream dorm room and get ready with the stuff - storage ottomans, command hooks, rugs, curtains, pillows, and blankets. Devote your attention to the wall-décor (posters, photo collage, macramé wall hangings, lights, mirror, and so on). After this amazing room transformation, you and your new friends will love to spend the time in.  

dorm room decoration

🛀 Bath: Wash Away Your Troubles with Some Bubbles

For some of you, my friends, this part of college life can be not a pleasant experience. 😭 I’m talking about sharing a shower.
Here is a couple of tips to make it easier: buy
a durable hard plastic shower caddy (so it will not collapse, like the soft ones) and also will stay clean and fresh. If you have some extra space in a room, divide your shower essentials into two – one with the hair and body products, another with the facial and dental care. The next step includes rubber shower slippers, as this item is important for your safety and hygiene. Towels are another essential. Take a couple of sets in the TARGET store or if you like to customize it, Etsy is good for such a purchase. 

Shower wraps would come in handy – to walk from the shower to your room. And the last one, make the bathroom colorful! Urban Outfitters can help you with that 😊Just check their bath rugs and shower curtains.

college bathroom essentials

🍳Kitchen: If You Can Organise Your Kitchen, You Can Organise Your Life

I will tell you straight, rolling IKEA cart is perfect for the dorm. All your kitchen supplies will be in one spot and well arranged. Now, what can go to the cart – utensils, plates, bowls, cups, microwavable dishes. Check Amazon and purchase a new water bottle and coffee tumbler, you will carry those items all over the campus and college, so you don’t want to embarrass yourself with the old ones. Take into consideration Brita Water Filter Pitcher  to consume clean, filtered water. Now, some kitchen electronics, as I mentioned at the beginning, contact your roommate and decide ether you split the expenses or will bring certain items. Anyways mini-fridge, Keurig, Tea Kettle, Rice Cooker, microwavetoaster you’ll need. 

👗👘 A Closet is Full of Clothes, but Nothing to Wear: So I Wear Jeans. 

Wardrobe for the college is another story (we might cover it in our next blogs) for now make a list of the most necessary ones and move forward.  Hangers, shoe storage, mini simmer, the umbrella will help you to look good and confident in a new environment 😊

💊First AID Kit and Medicine

In order your mom will not worry about her college kid - take care of your First AID Kit. You can buy a pre-made one, but the pharmacists recommend packing your own, based on individual needs. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still there, so make sure you are having extra masks  and hand sanitizers. Camming back to KIT I will name the topmost: thermometer, Tylenol, Ibuprofen (Advil), sore throat pops, cough medicine (Robitussin), Pepto Bismol for nausea/upset stomach, Imodium – A-D diarrhea relief, anti-itch cream, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, bandages.   

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Now, you are ready! Move-in day is a BIG day, try not to stress but find pleasure in it. Take before and after pictures, selfies, laugh, and enjoy. This is your new chapter! 😉

Guys, don’t forget to visit our blog – we are having a lot of things to share with you. In particular, this autumn will be dedicated to the point of how to survive the first month in college/university. So, stay tuned!

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