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How to Start Writing an Essay: Non-Trivial Academic Guide for Each Student

Writing an essay is a popular instrument in the academic world, as it helps to evaluate student’s performance and knowledge. So, you may ask: ‘How to start writing an essay?’ or ‘How to improve essay writing skills?’ 🤓Honestly, we know personally how boring and complex writing an essay can be… We have prepared a perfect and clear guide for each student on how to start writing a good essay. A perfect paper should capture and inspire the reader’s attention. For an article to communicate, the author must systematically organize his/her work by having a clear introduction, a body, and a conclusion. However, only properly-researched articles engage the reader and establish authority. Writing an essay requires a student to undertake research, systematically organize the paper, check, revise and proofread a written task.

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Typical Mistakes While Writing an Essay

Many students can find numerous technical instructions on how to complete a perfect essay. However, these instructions are not helpful if you still make these mistakes:

  • You’d rather be scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Lack of inspiration may prevent you from writing a good essay
  • You want to do as minimum work as possible
  • You’re trying to write something that your prof will like while ignoring your thoughts and ideas.

Stop focusing on external rewards and listen to your subconscious. Just choose to write an interesting essay instead of a “good-enough” essay.

Research and Writing Process: Step-by-Step Guide


It is impossible to write a perfect essay unless you have the right content. Therefore, a student must undertake detailed research on the topic by reading journals, books, published report papers, and brainstorming with experts. Brainstorming is usually the first step when writing because it allows individuals to narrow down their focus to a particular topic of their interest. After this step, the student can narrow his/her research to published works. Thus, just start reading! Certainly, everything depends on the topic of your essay, but you can start reading quite general articles from the New York TimesBloomberg, or even Twitter moving to the specific scientific readings. It will be your first step to complete an essay.


Perfect research papers, coursework, or academic assignments are coherent, well structured, and systematically organized based on an essay outline. An outline is a skeleton of what each section of the paper will contain. The exact structure depends on what a student intends to share; however, each outline has an introduction, body, and conclusion. In practice, most students create an essay outline before starting the writing process because it enables them to remain focused on the research topic and ensures their paper has a logical flow. 


Each essay should start with a good introduction paragraph that highlights the paper’s key research issues. Notably, the first sentence in the introduction is the hook statement. It should be clear, concise, and catchy to arouse the readers’ attention. The writer should follow this sentence with small background information on the essay’s topic (Harvard University Center). Lastly, the writer ends the paragraph with a thesis statement, which sums up the essay’s overall argument.


All the middle paragraphs in an essay are known as the body, and they discuss the paper’s main points. The paragraphs should be unified, clearly related to the thesis, coherent, and well-developed to ensure the entire piece has a logical flow. In this case, the subsequent paragraphs should build from their previous ones, and each should discuss only one idea. Also, each part is adequately explained. Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence, highlighting the central idea discussed (University of Southern California Library). A student should then elaborate on the controlling idea and tie it to the research topic. Lastly, a student should use a concluding statement that summarizes all the issues discussed in the paragraph.


A student should put a concluding paragraph in each essay and carefully proofread the paper before submitting it to the professor. Paradoxically, a conclusion is a second introduction since it contains similar features. Proper decisions end with concluding transitioning sentences and are followed by a restatement of the thesis statement. Also, the writer should provide a brief review of the main points in the paper. You should finish the essay by writing a “global action” or “call to action” that wraps up the entire article. Lastly, end the essay by repeatedly editing and proofreading the paper until it is perfect.

how to write an essay

Overall, writing an essay is a complex process that requires thorough research, proper organization of thoughts, and excellent proofreading of the final piece. Each student should undertake thorough research before starting the writing process so that he/she has the necessary content on the research topic. Besides, you should systematically organize his/her article to ensure it has a logical flow and carefully proofread the task to eliminate grammatical or formatting errors. Writing a perfect paper is an art that requires consistent practice and a quest to learn. 

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