Brilliant Tips on How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

by Administrator, September 02 2021

Do you know how to write a cause and effect essay thesis statement? How to develop an outline for this expository essay?  Have you ever complained about not being able to find out a cause and effect essay topics because of their complexities? 🙄

Well, by its nature, a cause and effect essay can be very demanding. It will ask you to explore the reasons for or results of things or events. However, there is an effective way to navigate this type of academic assignment. Our professional editors have created this guide for the students to make their studies easy and comfortable. All the basics for writing a cause-and-effect essay are listed below. 

🚩 Definition of a Cause and Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay is organized around the purpose of discovering and propounding events that lead to certain outcomes. 


📢 EXAMPLE of a cause and effect essay topics: you may be asked to write about the detrimental effects of massive unemployment in the United States for your Economics course, or you may be assigned to write about the causes of the widespread of Covid-19 in your nursing class.

Cause and effect writing is very applicable in almost all academic subjects, such as science, health, arts, history, and literature among others. You see, writing this type of academic paper solely depends on your purpose, but the bottom line is to raise awareness about a particular occurrence that affects society.

🚩 Main Features of a Cause and Effect Essay

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Now, let’s talk about the features of a cause and effect essay, which are tantamount to an effective and well-organized expository essay.

✔️ A clearly stated topic that explains which CAUSE and EFFECT relationships will be explored. Any academic essay explores a specific topic and, in this case, it centers on the cause and effect principle. A perfectly stated topic should have an indication of what thing or event to discover and discuss the reasons for or results of the noted event in the topic. 

📢 EXAMPLE: you choose to talk about divorce and its interminable effects on adolescents. It is crystal clear that you want to explore divorce and how it affects adolescents. Of course, you might include parameters, such as country or community.

✔️ An explanation of how particular causes produce or might produce certain effects. There are cause and effect essays that include both causes and effects in the development of the paper. With that in mind, it is crucial to follow an organized flow of the explanation, beginning with causes and ending with effects or the other way around.

📢 EXAMPLE: you might want to consider writing about how the reasons for taking marijuana excessively produce damaging effects to the brain of an individual. Similarly, you may opt to begin discussing the adverse effects of unwarranted taking of marijuana and concluding with the individual’s reasons for marijuana abuse.

✔️ Facts, statistics, examples, and other details to support the essay’s main ideas. Supporting your main ideas is necessary. That’s why it is encouraged to include facts, statistics, examples, and other details to beef up your paragraphs. In addition, these inclusions will build up your thesis statement and strengthen your claims.


✔️ The clear organization makes it easy for readers to follow the connections among events and details. As we all know, the organization is extremely significant in writing essays. A clearly organized cause and effect essay focuses on this structure – introduction with a thesis statement, body with main ideas, and conclusion with a suggested solution.


✔️ Transitions that smoothly connect ideas. Connecting ideas keep the readers on track while reading your paper. In this case, the use of effective transitional devices is recommended. Make sure to familiarize oneself with the list of transitional devices for a cause and effect essay.

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🚩 Main Steps before Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

Are you ready to compose a cause and effect essay? There are three fundamental steps before scribbling a cause and effect essay.

📗 First off, consider choosing your topic. It shouldn’t be too large or too small. For example, a 500-word essay on the reasons for the Holocaust in the time of Hitler may not be able to cover all relevant information. Therefore, be wary in choosing your subject.

📗 Second, decide whether you want to talk about the causes or the effects. Although it is passable to include both, more often than not, a topic will be fair with one or the other.

📗 Lastly, it is a requirement to create an outline. This will bring about organization and coherence throughout your writing. When it comes to creating an outline, there is no stringent format, but here is a guide for you.

🚩 An Effective Cause and Effect Essay Outline

cause and effect essay outline

  • Introduction. Your introduction serves as a bird’s-eye view of the topic at hand. In this part of the essay, you are preparing your readers to get engaged in your subject. You might want to present a backgrounder, statistics, research, or relevant news in order to catch the attention of your audience. Just make sure that you end this part of the paper with a striking thesis statement about the topic. This is where you bring to the table the causes or the effects or both, and this is clearly stipulated in your thesis statement.

  • Body. This contains 80 percent of your entire composition. In this part of your academic writing, you explain the causes or the effects or both about a topic that you mentioned in your thesis statement. You need to understand that the biggest part of your paper should explore the causes or effects which you explain in your succeeding paragraphs. The body should cover all the pertinent details concerning your topic in the thesis statement. While you are building on your thoughts in your paragraphs, always go back to your thesis statement, so you don’t get lost along the way.

  • Conclusion. This part has 10 percent of your entire essay, but it is as crucial as the other sections. Here you present your final statement about the topic. Since it is the last part of your article, your concern here is how to leave a potent mark on your readers. One way to do this is to wrap up all of the important highlights or present a solution to the existing problem. 


🚩 How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay: Step-by-step Guide

how to write a cause and effect essay guide

Mastering how to draft a quality cause and effect essay takes a lot of practice, and with every strike of your pen comes the thought that writing is indeed the most challenging of all macro skills. But don’t lose heart! 😉 All you’ve got to remember are the following steps on how to write a cause and effect essay with ease and comfort.

🔶 Start with a clear thesis statement

🔶 Break down your thesis statement in your paragraphs of main ideas

🔶 End your essay with a relevant and beefy conclusion that wraps up the whole essay

I bet you are now equipped in the best way possible. Why don’t you practice what you have learned from this article about writing a cause and effect essay? 

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