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7 Steps on How to Write a Research Paper

How to write a research paper easily? Being a successful student requires efficient essay writing skills, as well as the ability to find proper information. Even a freshman will be faced with different types of academic papers and home assignments, such as an argumentative essay, a descriptive essay, a critical review, or a comparative essay. Anyway, writing a research paper involves combining information about a specific topic from different sources. These sources may include books and lecture materials from course study, interviews, and peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Researching for your project may be overwhelming, especially because you have to visit different sites and read a variety of books to come up with a comprehensive report.
Below are some detailed steps that can guide you while carrying out the research for your paper. 

✅Step One: Identify the Research Topic 

The first question is: How to get an essay topic? Before starting the research process, the first step is to develop a topic for the essay to have a specific line of thought that will guide you in the right direction. Essay topics may vary significantly but you should choose them on the basis of your academic preferences. Coming up with an interesting topic for the essay might prove to be a challenge, but there are always some guidelines that can lessen your burden.

  • It is crucial to fully comprehend the set parameters of the assignment since the instructions will always guide you in the right direction. 
  • If the project requires you to select from several prompts, pick a prompt that you are most comfortable with because it will make your research process easy. 
  • Selecting a topic discussed by different writers is a key strategy since you won’t spend much time searching for the necessary information. 

✅Step Two: Develop an Initial Plan

Before diving into the research process, conduct a preliminary academic investigation to ensure that you will not get stuck in the middle of your research for lack of enough information. Read useful information on How To Start Writing an Essay.Failure to get enough material can be frustrating and may be considered an academic suicide mission 😱 because you may not have enough time to start all over again. Ideally, professors ensure to set deadlines to submit the assignment, and failure to do it on time may lead to the cancelation of the paper. Additionally, it is essential to make a rough outline in the process as you may need it later. 

✅Step Three: Collect the Research Material

At this juncture, you are confident of the research topic, and you are ready to start digging in the information to include in the paper. Identifying a commonplace and putting all your research material is an essential step during the research process. Keeping in mind that the assignment requires you to integrate information from different sources into one single report, it is necessary to develop the keywords that you shall use for the research. This makes the process fast and efficient.

You may use the following online libraries to gather the research material for your essay 📕📚
1. Project Gutenberg 
2. Bibliomania
3. The Online Books Page
5. Internet Archive
6. Open Library
7. The Universal Digital Library
10. ERIC

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✅Step Four: Develop an Outline

Using the information derived from the sources you gathered for the research process, note down what you require to include in your final paper. In the process, write down the sources from which you gathered the information. This includes the title of the source, author, publisher, URL, and any other information that you might need for the references.

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✅Step Five: Write the Paper

How to start writing an essay? Use the outline developed earlier to guide you in writing the paper, ensuring that you combine the sources in a way that allows for the flow of thoughts. Every paragraph must connect with the idea from the preceding one to develop continuity and professionalism. Additionally, ensure that your writing is engaging while displaying your proficiency on the subject of discussion.

✅Step Six: Develop the Work Cited Page

Any scholarly research paper must include a work cited page to make it credible. Failure to cite your work may lead to plagiarism which is an academic crime that may lead to the cancelation of your hard work. Ideally, including the citation is more of giving credit to the other writers who took their time to research the topic. How to cite the sources for the descriptive essay? You will find all the instructions on to cite the article correctly: Purdue University Guides.

✅Step Seven: Revise and Proofread the Paper 

The final step before handing in the paper is proofreading to correct any mistake in the essay. Ensure that you go through the paper several times. We recommend you to contact our professional editors with 10+ years of academic writing experience. Just place your orderand get the perfect proofread essay. Go through the citations to ensure that you have applied the correct format. After thorough verification, hand over the paper to your professor for marking. 

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